Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pac & Big


The Greatest Of All Time

  A friend asked me to do a write up on what I think about the death of Tupac and Biggie and how the Illuminati played into the whole thing, this could take some time so I'm just going to give you the short version and talk more about it later.

The first thing I want to say is how much I respected both or these artist, they were the last of a dead breed, two of the best MC's to have ever touched a mic or stood in front of a crowd, these two guys represented everything that was good about hip-hop till the source awards. Before that day and the things that led up to that day Tupac and Biggie were cool , Pac used to make sure Big had a place to stay when he was out on the road, he would call some chicks he knew to get them to let Big stay over.

 They even had a song together that allot of people don't remember, it was called running , I wish we could have heard more from the two of them but it got real shady real  quick. this time were going skip all that because I'm sure you've heard it all before, now the thing is this they both were kind of down with the illuminatti at the time but neither fully excepted the roles they were suppose to play, we all know Pac wasn't feeling his role by the way he went after them, he even went as far as to do a whole album called .... kiluminatti which meant Kill - illuminatti.

With the whole East coast West coast beef and Big also not getting on board 100% it was time for the two of them to go ..... Why! To make room for the new kings who would go along with what they had planed, see Pac and Big were real dudes they believed in what they represented, it was harder for them to just sit back and let any ole thing go down. Pimp C was the same way, he also started to speak out about the shit hip-hop doesn't want you to know and look what it got him, dead in a hotel room, with a couple bags of dope or something.

 All in all I think Tupac and Biggie lost there lives so that the artist you see today could do to you something neither of these artist would have ever done, which is sell you everything but good music.

Evidence is just that ........ Evidence, and when you have enough to draw an Opinion, it's just that .......and Opinion, this video shows the type of patterns that make you understand what it is your seeing, if you have common sense.

Biggie & Tupac

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Something I found on the internet that I wanted to share with you.

"Some who have never heard the term Illuminati may wonder, “What in the world is it?” The literal definition of the word Illuminati means “the enlightened ones.” It has been a term designating various groups since the mid-1700s. In this century some parts of the fundamental, evangelical and Charismatic Church have become interested in, and occasionally obsessed with, the Illuminati idea.
It is best to speak of the Illuminati as an idea because there are dozens of conflicting theories as to just whom the group is and what it is doing today. People who become heavily involved in the elusive pursuit of the Illuminati seem to fall under a deep persuasion of an “imminent takeover” and a “secret worldwide conspiracy” underlying everything happening today. Of course, the predetermined dates come and go and the takeover never takes!

Sometimes in the scheme presented there is an attempt to match the Antichrist to a specific person or movement. In short, the Illuminati has been credited with everything from the triggering of the French and American revolutions, being the brains behind communism, controlling all the banks and money of the world, to plotting to take over the world at any moment".


        I couldn't begin to tell you how these people go about making outrages amounts of cash year after year, ride in 250,000 dollar vehicles, Lay up in million dollar homes, all off our pennies and all they can talk about is how their lives make ours look like re-runs from GoodTimes .......... They know your kids school needs books and computers, they also know we need to do a better job at keeping guns off the streets, but they're to busy laughing all the way to the bank and were to busy out going broke trying to keep up with million airs. I can't sit here and tell you these people don't think about doing good things, I'm sure the fact that they get to set up some famous rapper foundation gives them some sense of giving back, but not everybody thinks same.

 Who's to say these people even care at all about you or feel like they owe you something because you share the same skin color or maybe you come from the same projects/suburb. Truth is they do care, only thing is, it's not about you it's about weather or not your going to buy into the brand they represent. They have no moral code to live buy or a God to fear so whats to stop them from continuing to sell you garbage, the same garbage your 8 year old is in her room listening to in her I-Pod right now. It's not like their killing you, it's only music.

 So what if now we have to drive nice cars with mature rims and have a closet full of name brand clothes in order to feel like were somebodies. So what if now we have to pop champagne and throw money around in the club to get noticed by the ladies. It's only music........right! If T-Pain says drink patron on a song ....... all your going to hear is, "gimmie a bottle of Patron". Beyonce got women who make the same amount of money I do out buying the same shoes she wears. It's only music though right. I have a video that I want you to look at when you have the time ...... It's just to show that everyone doesn't think the same way that you do. Some people can do what they want when they don't feel like they have anyone to answer to.

50 Cent is good at it

    For some reason I can't really find to much on 50 cent and weather or not he is a part of the Illuminati, I hear and read about allot of entertainers but not 50. It's strange because I can't see them letting him make all that money and him not being down with the powers that be. I found a little clip on him saying he has not been approached but he says he thinks Jay-Z is a part of something . I'm almost sure he is, it's now way he's not ..... he has been photographed wearing the symbols in his cloths an he also say's things in his music from time to time.So is 50 Cent down with alluminatti,  I think I would have to say yes just because of the way I understand things and how they work, no way 50 is getting 400,000,000 for his vitamin water company and he's not down. Dave Chepell turned down 50,000,000 so he wouldn't have to join ...... 400 is a lifetime contract!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Kings

        RUN DMC .......... The most influential group of all time if you ask me, only because they single handily in my opinion set up the blue print for the way the top rappers make their money today. I don't know how much it benefited them as a group but people were watching rap close, the same people behind the business and marketing strategies for some of the top companies on wall street, and the guys that run those companies are the ones who make up the Illuminati. They saw what Run-DMC was doing .... they had everybody rocking shell top Adidas, fat gold ropes, track suits, the big glasses. All they could see was money, not to mention a way to get in and control the art form. Skip to 2011 we got Lil Wayne, Drake, Kanye, Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj ....... all making sure we dress how they want us to, drink what they tell us to and all we get in return is the feeling of having what they have......but not actually having anything close to what they have. I see it like this, these artist are given the chance to make millions of dollars with a few conditions. One is to push a PRODUCT and that product ranges from beer to cars and trucks and anything else you can fit into a 3 1/2 min song. This is why I think Run-DMC is the most influential group in hip hop history, it was obvious where these artist had the potential to take the hip-hop culture and if you ask me they did a pretty good job....if only we would have did a little more to make sure we as a whole benefited from the work we put in as the artist and the consumers. Below is a video showing how Run-DMC's King of Rock video was their initiation into Illuminati show for everyone to see ..... if you could figure it out. Plus a few new members ....... never thought it would be Jay Electronica.

Yep Him Too

If you ever have time to watch this entire thing from part 1 - 7 you'll see were this song is about a game that homosexuals play called the circle jerk, A friend and co-worker told me about it as I described the actions of the game. He confirmed to me that it was an actual game called the circle jerk, when you have the time you can listen for yourself. Micheal Jackson was killed by the same people who gave him everything he could ask for, Why? Because he was worth more dead than alive.

It's time

So this music industry is getting way over the top right now ... you got lil Wayne in women's pants and selling a million albums in one week, my question would be, to who. I mean who are these one million people who don't leave there couches to get food and water but are running out to the stores in masses to get this guy's CD. Lady GaGa is running around promoting the hell out of the Devil and we call it high end fashion, give me a break. Jay-Z is taking over the world at this point with his big head ass wife Bey and no one stops to ask how is any of this making hip-hop any better for the consumer who would only love to hear someone write about some of the things he or she goes through from day to day.

The answer is: No one cares what you think, it was a time when you could call your local radio station an request a song and it would get played at some point during that day, nowadays they program every song that comes on. You ever asked yourself why their are so many rappers in the world but you only hear a good 4 or 5, it's because you have no choice in who you listen to when it comes to radio, they want you to hear Lil Wayne, Kanye West and Jay-Z, the reason is simple, it's because they help them with their agenda to promote all the things in life that will keep you poor and stupid. Take Wayne for example, this guy gets on stage in front of millions of viewers wearing woman pants and that's all you heard about the next day, I'm sure the sell in those pants more than tripled by the next day.

I think It's time for me to get into the past a little .... In my next post I'm going to show you something I know allot of people won't be able to believe, It's about the king of pop, he was in the Illuminati as well. One of his most popular songs is proof of the fact that M.J. was into the things that these artist do today long before they knew anything about what they had to sacrifice to gain the wealth and popularity they now have.